External Relations & Careers Committee

External Relations & Careers Committee is focused on fostering meaningful connections and collaborations between the graduate student community and external stakeholders. Through these connections, we seek to promote career-related initiatives, professional development opportunities, and industry-specific engagements for graduate students.

Our Purpose

We aims to establish strong partnerships with university administration, alumni networks, industry professionals, and other relevant stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for graduate students’ interests, provide career-related opportunities, and enhance their overall experience at Georgetown University.

Alumni Engagement

We actively engage with Georgetown’s alumni community to foster connections between current graduate students and successful alumni. Our efforts include alumni spotlights, networking events, and mentorship programs to support students’ professional growth.

Industry Partnerships

Building strategic partnerships with corporations, foundations, and industry associations is a core focus. These collaborations open doors for internships, research opportunities, and exposure to emerging trends within various fields.

Career Opportunities

We are committed to providing diverse career opportunities for graduate students. Our initiatives include organising career fairs, networking events, and workshops that connect students with employers, alumni mentors, and industry experts.

Get Involved

We welcome Senators who are passionate about career development, networking, and advocating for the needs of their peers. Whether you’re interested in event planning, alumni outreach, or industry partnerships, we have a place for you to contribute and make a difference. For graduate students who are not Senators, but still wish to contribute, volunteer opportunities may arise out of our events.

GradGov External Relations & Careers Committee

Mac Milin Kiran

“Co-Director GradGov External Relations & Careers Committee”

Mac Milin Kiran
Mary Fox

“Co-Director GradGov External Relations & Careers Committee”

Mary Fox
Vasudha Jalan_Headshot

“GradGov Engagement Branch Chief-of-Staff”

Vasudha Jalan

“John Buhager, GradGov senator working with External Relations & Careers Committee”

John Buhager