Finance Branch

Budget Committee

Managing the annual GradGov budget used to run the Senate, host events, and make lasting change for our fellow students.

The committee reviews the annual budget requests of GradGov’s many committees to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and spent wisely throughout the academic year. Once the budget is approved by a majority vote in the GradGov Senate, the committee works to keep record of any transactions by GradGov for future audits by the Accounting Committee.

For more information, contact our Directors Melissa Siew & Shewina Hassani

Accounting Committee

GradGov’s internal auditing team.

The Accounting Committee is responsible for auditing GradGov as a whole, reviewing all committees’ spending in accordance with their approved budgets and tracking total spending for the year. The team works closely with other GradGov’s directors and fellow Finance committees.

For more information, contact our Director: Max Gonzalez & Carlos Fermin

Awards & Grants Committee

Tracking and sharing information about funding opportunities for Georgetown graduate students.

The Awards & Grants Committee is here to help students locate grant and financial award opportunities across Georgetown University. The team works with the Georgetown administrations to review emergency funding available every year. Due to the time that it takes to process the awards, please be aware that it may take an extended time for the award to post to your account.

For more information, contact our Directors: Justine Chang & AnnaChristina Lankford