Executive Board

Meet your Executive Board! Elected by the Senate, our team is dedicated to ensuring graduate students receive better representation and higher engagement in the campus community. Find our more about our team below.

Sebastian Grajales

President, Sebastian Grajales

I am Sebastian, a MPS candidate in the Emergency and Disaster Management program. I am deeply committed to finding solutions to the environmental crises we face and building a safe future for our children. Leading efforts for the common good has always been a passion of mine, thus joining GradGov is a pivotal step in that direction. I am truly honored to have the opportunity to represent the graduate student community. Together with the team, we work diligently to provide the services needed for the best
student experience. Hoya Saxa!

Spencer Walters

Vice President, Spencer Walters

I am Spencer, a PhD candidate within the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (IPN) at Georgetown. When I am not in the laboratory studying brains, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs and listening to vinyl records. My first time working with GradGov was in 2022 and I was instantly amazed by the dedication and selfless service exhibited by our graduate student body. Now, as the Vice President of GradGov, I am honored to serve the student body and look forward to working with both students and administration to improve our Georgetown community!

Mandeep Anne

VP of Programming, Manideep Anne

I am Manideep Anne, though most people know me as Mandeep. Currently, I am pursuing my second year in the Masters of Business Administration program at McDonough School. Originally from India, my professional background lies in consulting. Now, my focus is on transitioning into the realm of strategy. Beyond my professional pursuits, I have been deeply engaged with numerous non-profit organizations in India, refining my skills in volunteer coordination and event management. As a member of GradGov, my primary goal is to enhance the cultural experiences of my fellow graduate students. I aim to facilitate more networking opportunities between the various schools at Georgetown University and to support students in creating and participating in meaningful and unforgettable experiences.

Programming Branch
Kavin headshot

VP of Finance, Kavin Sakthivel

I am a Masters in Real Estate Finance student at the School of Continuing Studies and a CFA candidate. Following my passion for investments I forged a path from engineering to finance. After serving as the Senator of the Real Estate program and Chief of Staff of the finance branch last year, I’m honored to serve another year to the student body and my main goal in this role is to optimize GradGov’s spending to benefit every single stakeholder involved. I also serve as the Vice President of Trading & Risk at Georgetown University Graduate Investment Fund (GIF).

Finance Branch
Uribe-Kessler Veronica Headshot

VP of Advocacy, Veronica Uribe-Kessler

I am Vero, a MA candidate for the Human Global Development program at the School of Foreign Service. I am a first-generation college student originally from Colombia. I have experience in research, international engagement, and project evaluation. I have experience in consulting on Diaspora Engagement for the IOM-UN, supporting USAID monitoring and evaluation, and IOM-Senegal on migration and climate change initiatives. I was a senator in the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Committee and was actively involved in planning and implementing Earth Month 2024.

Come meet our Executive Board at GradGov events or at the GradGov office in the Leavey Center. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at gradgov@georgetown.edu if you have any questions or comments.