Engagement Branch

Alumni Relations & Careers Committee

Establishing and nurturing relationships between Georgetown students and alum.

The Alumni Relations and Careers Committee focuses its work on building the network of alumni who can held current students gain they support they need to explore various career opportunities. The team maintains communication with and reaches out to new alumni to engage them in activities like Georgetown gatherings, career-specific events, and student mentorship.

Currently, our team is developing “mentorship circles” for groups of students and professional alumnus to connect within a specific affiliation or professional interest.

Please reach out to our Directors for more information: Rossy Coutinho & Ali Low

External Relations & Careers Committee

Connecting students with professional networking and mentorship opportunities with off-campus stakeholders.

Our External Relations & Careers committee is responsible for connecting the student body with partners not typically affiliated with Georgetown. The team maps current stakeholders and creates opportunities to connect with new stakeholders to feature in student resources or special events for students to attend, both in-person and online. This includes professional site visits, volunteer opportunities, and workshops with our external partners.

The team also works closely with the Alumni Relations team to bring new Hoyas and stakeholders into mentorship programs.

For more information, please reach out to our Directors: Mary Fox & Mac Milin Kiran

External Relations & Careers committee

Campus Relations Committee & Liaisons

Finding new ways to increase GradGov’s presence and support to other on-campus organizations.

The Campus Relations & Liaisons Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining GradGov’s larger involvement in the Georgetown community. The team works with existing groups across the different schools to co-host events, initiatives, and awareness to key student issues. Our committee also ensures that GradGov and cross-campus resources are easily accessible and promoted to Georgetown students. Some of this work includes GradGov hosted tours and mini orientations sessions for students each academic year.

For more information, contact our Directors: Alex Chou & Vincent Reppert

International Students Committee

Providing support and access for Hoyas far from home.

The International Student Committee is responsible for bettering the overall student experience of our vast international student communities. We provide accessible and user-friendly resources to help students acclimate to Georgetown life and campus culture in the U.S., while connecting these students to one another across different disciplines.

To create a sense of home and pride for our students, our team works with our Programming Branch to host events and celebrations that reflect our communities’ diversity of cultures.

Securing a reliable career is at the forefront of many of our students’ minds and one area in particular that this committee seeks to support international students. We aim to bring information on U.S. work protocols to our students and connect them with helpful mentors to make this journey easier during and after their time at Georgetown.

For more information, contact our Directors: Nafis Imtiaz & Zhengyang Su