Senate Branch

School Caucuses & Senate Operations

Overseeing and maintaining contact with the nine different Georgetown graduate schools that GradGov represents.

The Senate Secretary serves as the sole entity of this committee. They are the point of contact between the different caucuses’ administrators and the Senate Leadership Committee to organize GradGov’s biannual elections, as well as the first point of contact between GradGov Senators and the executive team. The Senate Secretary is also responsible for distributing any documents related to meetings of the Senate with student representatives.

Please contact our Parliamentarian for more information: Alex Grant

Judicial Implementation Advisory Board

Supporting the governing of the GradGov Senator and ensuring the proper implementation of the body’s constitution.

The Parliamentarian serves as head of the committee and works on the annual revision of the GradGov’s bylaws and additional amendments to be considered at the beginning of the academic year. The committee serves as the expert overseer of Constitutional functions and works with the executive team to ensure any acts of GradGov and its actors are abiding by this document.

Contact the Members for more information: Samara Demary, Kelly Gustafson & Justice Marshall

Elections & Recruitment Committee

Organizing and promoting GradGov elections for the nine caucuses of the body oversees.

GradGov holds Senate elections at the the second week of the fall semester. All Senate candidates must nominate themselves via the GradGov Nomination form to be added to the elections ballot. Elections for the GradGov executive team (President, Vice President, and VP’s of each committee) and Directors of individual committees are held during the fall election cycle and end of the spring semester.

For more information, contact our Directors: Thomas Murphy & Guzel Yakupova