Programming Branch

Events Committee

Creating memories and networking opportunities to enrich the graduate student experience.

The Events Committee is responsible for organizing general student oriented events here at Georgetown. These events are exclusive to our graduate students and take place all throughout the academic year and feature a variety of activities, vendors, prizes, and networking opportunities. Some upcoming events to look out for are GradGov’s annual BBQ, Halloween Party, and Cherry Blossom Picnic.

Please see our Past and Upcoming Events pages to learn more about the great student activities the Events Committee has been working on.

For more information, please contact our Directors: Savanna Li & Nodi Khudoyberdieva

Past events

Groups Committee

Connecting you to all of Georgetown’s organizations and campus events.

The Groups Committee is responsible for maintaining Georgetown Campus Groups network, an online space for students to stay up-to-date with all things happening at Georgetown. Campus organizations and schools use Campus Groups to promote their events and allow students to reserve their spots. Our committee helps students to navigate this space, keep the network organized, and add new groups to the network.

If you need help using campus groups or adding your organization to the network, please contact our Directors: Jie Jung Shih & Zekun He

Campus Groups

Online Students & Technology Committee

Engaging online graduate students with unique opportunities, off-campus events, and academic support.

The Online Students & Technology Committee is responsible for providing unique opportunities for students near and far to be involved in the larger Georgetown student experience. This includes integrating online students into in-person campus happenings and host online-exclusive events. Our team’s greater aim is to connect with our online student and connect them with one another, building our off-campus student community, while understanding and advocating for the unique needs of these students.

For more information, please contact our Director: Grace Krusen & Zaki Mohammed