D M S Rinku Rinku

D M S Rakibul Rinku is an accomplished professional with a solid academic background and extensive experience in Information Technology. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and is continuing his study on SCS at MPS in Information Technology Management, with notable achievements during his academic journey. He has a proven track record of success in his professional life as Chief Technical Officer.

In addition, his expertise extends to systems administration, network management, and cloud computing. Rakib also has expertise in providing IT training and solutions to various technology-related issues.

Rakib has a rich history of extracurricular involvement, including organizing IT and Winter festivals and holding leadership positions in various clubs at his previous academic institutions, showcasing his dedication to technology and the community. Rakib is dedicated to contributing to the Georgetown University community. As the newly appointed Digital Advisor of GradGov’s Alumni Recruitment & Retention Working Group of Georgetown University, he will try to impact the community significantly.