Ricky Fauntleroy

Ricky Fauntleroy stands as a distinguished senior IT professional, currently lending his expertise as a Senior Network Administrator at Leidos and overseeing a team of junior network administrators. Beyond the corporate realm, Ricky is deeply immersed in academia, currently holding the position of Senator in Georgetown University’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program. His commitment also extends to the External Relations & Careers Committee at Georgetown, where he plays a vital role in shaping the educational landscape for aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

Driven by a passion for education and fostering inclusivity in the tech sector, Ricky’s vision extends beyond his current roles. His dedication is evident in his efforts to pave the way for others to navigate the dynamic field of technology. As a Co-Founder of Legion Development, a cutting-edge tech startup, Ricky is at the forefront of advancing agile development methodologies. Legion Development is not just a business venture for Ricky; it’s a platform through which he envisions simplifying and democratizing access to robust robotic solutions for a diverse range of organizations.

Ricky’s mission goes beyond entrepreneurial success; he is committed to contributing to educational initiatives that empower individuals with a desire to expand their horizons in technology. Through his involvement at Georgetown University, Ricky strives to create pathways for aspiring tech enthusiasts, ensuring that education remains an inclusive gateway to the ever-evolving world of IT. His multifaceted approach reflects a holistic commitment to both professional excellence and the broader goal of fostering a diverse and thriving tech community.