Robert Hamer

A second-year Human Resource Management student at the School of Continuing Studies, Robert Hamer spent his first year as the junior Senator representing his program at GradGov and now fills the role of Executive Secretary. He is directly responsible to the President of GradGov in supporting her many important and multifaceted initiatives, oversees the institutionalization of internal process improvement to advance organizational effectiveness for future generations of GradGov leaders, and is the lead coordinator for the Executive Board’s Chief of Staff / Secretary network.

Prior to enrolling at Georgetown University, Robert graduated from the California Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies & Maritime Affairs, received a post-graduate professional certificate in Occupational Safety & Health from the University of Connecticut, and a professional certification from the Society for Human Resource Management. He is affiliated with the United States Navy Reserves, having served two overseas tours of duty and recently selected for promotion to Lieutenant Commander.