Zaria Khan

Zaria Khan is a first-year student pursuing a Master’s in Professional Studies in Information Technology Management, Cyber Risk. She will be fulfilling the tasks, responsibilities, and beyond for GradGov’s Director of Financial Aid Committee role.

She is currently working full-time at Capital One on the Technology Audit – Cyber Risk and Analysis team as an information systems auditor in the Management Rotation Program. Zaria is also a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Council Lead at Capital One.

She has prior experience in the federal space as an IT auditor for the US Government Accountability Office. Zaria is passionate about emerging technology trends, social impact, and finding the intersection between the two to create tangible opportunities for others.

She recently completed her undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech, earning her a B.S. in Business Information Technology, Cybersecurity and a B.S. in Management Consulting and Data Analytics.