Group Management and Engagement

Group management and engagement are the two main activities that your group will be engaged in. Hence, the GradGov Groups Committee has prepare a couple of resources to help the navigation of these activities easier.

Group Management

Campus Groups

Campus Groups (new window) allows you to keep track of budget, create events, and communicate with members. 

Google Drive

GradGov uses Google Drive folder to organize and keep track of the updated materials groups have, in the folder there should be: 


To access GradGov benefits, groups are expected to fill out Access to benefits form in the beginning of semesters and attend Blueprint training with Dexter.

Group Engagement

Event Promotion

Gradgov is excited to see more events hosted by individual student groups. If you would like your event to be listed on GradGov’s website or social media, make a copy of the event proposal form (new window) and upload it to your group’s folder. 

Event Planning

One of the benefits of being part of GradGov is that you have room booking access. You may do so by accessing the Georgetown University EMS Campus website (new window) with your group’s email. 

Group management and engagement tasks are easier when outlined. We value your opinions and are ready provide improvement. Kindly reach out to us should you have and feedback or question.